Hamster Bed Soft Cotton House Winter Warm Bed For Hamster /Hedgehog/Guinea Pig T7

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Product Description:

  •  The workmanship is exquisite and meticulous, and the appearance of the little mouse is cute and cute
  •  The outer layer of golden fleece is soft and comfortable, and the interior is filled with cotton, which has good support and is not easy to collapse
  •  Semi closed opening, let out wind and keep warm, give the pet enough security
  •  The interior space is enough, with a cushion, which can be taken out for cleaning, so that the pet can live more comfortable
  •  Anti slip design at the bottom, stable, anti-skid and wear-resistant


  • Material: Golden Fleece + PP cotton
  • Color: grey
  • Size: 150 mm * 140
  • Product category: pet bedding hamster nest
  • Weight: net weight 39G gross weight 41g

Package Included:

Hamster nest*1

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