Interesting Cat Toy Scratch Board Lounge with Teaser Stick Bell-Ball Entertainment Turntable Bed for Cats T7

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Product Description:

  • Suitable size is a easier scratching & a more comfortable place to rest & play
  • High density double corrugated paper not only resists compression and bending, but also bears scratch and abrasion resistance. Won't hurt claws, play longer.
  • It is made of recycled paper material. It is a good environmental protection material.
  • Corrugated cat scratch board adds fun bell ball design, so that the cat scratch board to increase playability.

Material : Corrugated paper

  • A small size 39.5x21.5x4.5cm,fits for <2.5kg
  • A large size 68x23.5x4.5cm, fits for < 7.5kg
  • B 42.5x38x3.7cm,fits for <7.5kg
  • C 32x32x4.5cm,fits for <3kg
  • A small size :about 380g
  • A large size: about 610g
  • B :about 550g
  • C: about 380g

package : 1pc Toy Cat Turntable