Automatic Feeder Pet Dog Drinkers Cat Feeder T7

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Product Description:

Automatic Drinkers water/food bowl for pets 

Environmentally friendly non-toxic plastic materials made of easy to use. The use of translucent storage barrels designed to facilitate the determination of the remaining one to meet the pet daily feeding needs, so that pets alone at home will not be hungry, how much automatic consumption of how much, do not need to plug in, you can automatically supply feeding. Chassis can be opened to clean, clean and sanitary! The bottom of the anti-skid pad design. Safety, environmental protection, energy saving automatic feeding device, no longer have to worry about the baby at home hungry.

Material: Environmental protection and non-toxic plastic

Size : bottom length 32cm * bottom width 17.5cm * high 30.5cm

Volume:  3.5L

Need to use warm water / cold water; hot water is strictly prohibited.


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