Anti Bark Collar BT6 Rechargeable Bark Terminator Advanced Bark Control T7

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Product Description:
AS a high-tech pet product, our goal is to make pet training more effective and humane. We developed this product special for the aggressive barkers and stubborn ones. The bark terminator is controlled by a microprocessor which distinguishes your dog's bark from environmental noises and automatically delivers sound and shock stimuli after each barking. The output level of sound and shock is increased gradually as barking.

Principles of operation:
As the first bark occurs, the BARK TERMINATOR applies a short warning tone, this sound will make your dog feel intense. If your dog barks the second time within thirty seconds, it will apply a stronger sound along with a short mild shock. If your dog barks a third time, both the warning sound and shock will be stronger. This pattern has five levels. If your dog keeps barking through all five levels, the strongest warning sound and shock will happen on each bark until the pet stops for thirty seconds. Then the terminator will resets to the first level automatically.

A. Getting started:
Before putting the bark terminator on your pet, there are a few things you should 
know about the device. The bark terminator senses your dog's bark through a microphone which is located in the center of the underneath. The electric shock is delivered by the two electrode probes. And the intense sound is from a hole on the side of the unit. Before using, you need to charge the unit, when the charger works the red light on it will twinkle. And the red light will stop twinkling as it fully charged.

B. How to switch Function:
There are 2 holes on the side of the item, C is stand for the charging port, and F is 
the Function switch port. You need a thin stick as a key for function switch.

1. Press F for the first time, it will open with 2 beeps, and then it will be the sound + electric shock mode. It will shock after the third barking.
2. Press F for the second time, it will beep along with shake, and going to the sound + shake mode.
3. Press F for the third time, it will beep along with shake, and will going to the shake + electronic shock mode.
4. Press for the fourth time, is the power off mode. And it will end with a beep.

C. Putting the device on:
Place the unit around your dog's neck and adjust the collar length by sliding the buckle on the strap. The unit should fit snugly underneath your dog's neck. Make sure that the electronic probes are contact with your dog's skin directly. The hair between the probes and skin will severely diminish the effect of shock. If necessary, it is advisable to clip your dog's fur under the neck to insure direct contact.

1. Do not allow your dog to chew or scratching this collar.
2. This device is made up of plastic and electronic components that are not digestible. Consult your local vet if your dog swallows any part of this product.
3. The collar can't be used as a restraining collar. If you're using a leash, please separate it with a restraining collar.
4. Although the microprocessor can identify the barking from the environmental noises, but the device may be triggered by  excessive scratching, shaking head or rolling on the ground. If this happened, you need to check your pet from suffering fleas of ear mites.
5. This device can be used in the rainy day. but please remove it before bathing or swimming. If the device gets very wet or ubmerged in water ,remove the battery and make sure the unit is completed dry before using.

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