Outdoor Stainless Dog Bottle Feeding Puppy Drink Clean Water T7

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Product Description:

  • Outdoor Kettle, easy to carry, suitable for travel and other outdoor activities
  • Carabiner design. Can hang on the bag or other location, will not bind your hand activities
  • Caps can be used to hold water, Do not need to bring a bowl, Convenient for your use, save space
  • 750ml,High capacity. Large capacity of the kettle, to meet the demand for pet day
  • Bottle material is 304 stainless steel + food grade PP, Easy to clean, Let your pet use more confidence and Recyclable。
  • Good Quality, Waterproof
  • Round Mouth, Curved Position Just Blend With lip
  • Smooth Bottom, Bump Bottom Shape, Can Be Placed Smoothly
  • Sealing Water Thread Integrated Type.
  • Stainless Steel Material, Safety & Durable

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