How to save your sofa cover from cat scratches?

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How to save your sofa cover from cat scratches?

All of us want to give the best to our cats and we want them to feel special and loved. You can't help it as they are so adorable and would make you love them more and more. But how to protect our furniture from them?

There are some things which you can do to avoid the damage to your sofa cloth or seat covers. Surely we all know that how much they love sharpening their nails. Let's discuss few things that can be easily done:

  1. Get a scratch board. Different designs and size are available across the internet which can serve the purpose.
  2. Keep their nails short. You can find both manual and automatic nail cutters which are readily available everywhere.
  3. Get a scratch tree which is helpful in multiple ways it would work as a board and at the same time cats would love to climb them. Plus, they can sleep on it too.
  4. Keep them busy by surrounding them with toys such moving mouse etc. Some toys have scratch as well, which makes them extremely useful.
  5. Use paw socks or nail covers and it would keep them warm too.
  6. Get them a cozy bed so they feel equally happy by lying down there too.

 Thus, by taking these simple measures you can easily save your furniture or sofa cover from scratches without annoying your cat.

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